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Following its successful launch and angel investment round last year, CombiniCo has partnered with Crowdcube, the world’s largest equity crowdfunding platform, to fuel its next phase of growth. Crowdcube allows members of the community to become a shareholder of their favourite company, while helping them get to the next stage of their development. Investments can be easily made on CombiniCo’s Crowdcube campaign link.


CombiniCo is one of the most successful and fastest growing St Andrews student startups, founded by two former students Alex Longson and Juno Lee, who met in the university as academic father and son. Since its launch in February of 2018, the company has grown to employ over 40 (full and part-time) team members, establish 2 retail locations, and develop a line of organic bottled tea products. The company has been near-doubling its monthly revenue compared to last year. CombiniCo’s brand and ready-to-go product-centric approach allow the company to scale effectively, while cultivating passionate communities of customers around various university towns. For further reference to our growth model, please visit Sweetgreen and Blue Bottle Coffee.

To purchase shares in CombiniCo please follow the link.

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