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Korean Japanese Food Design
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Designed for

Your Lifestyle

Our product line is specifically designed to fit seamlessly into our customers' everyday lives. Whether you are looking for a quick snack to take on the train, a healthy lunch in-between work, or a satisfying meal to enjoy with friends, Combini's range has the answer.


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Maple Glaze Sweet Potato

Hot Smoked Salmon

Tuna Mayonnaise

Spicy Tuna Mayonnaise


Inspired by the vending machines of Tokyo and Seoul, the BiniBap embodies 'Combini' culture. These pocket-sized triangular rice sandwiches contain a range of fillings from maple glazed sweet potato to spicy tuna mayonnaise. 

Smartly designed packaging also means the seaweed outer layer remains crisp until the very last minute, perfect for an on-the-go snack.


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Bini roll

Salmon Avocado

Korean Red Cabbage

Spicy California 

Chicken Katsu

Shrimp Tempura

Maple Glazed Sweet Potato


A staple of the Japanese diet combined with authentic Korean ingredients. 8 bite-sized pieces of sushi form this ideal light grab-and-go meal. We offer the freshest salmon in Scotland, along with cooked meat and colourful plant-based options.

Every single BiniRoll is carefully made by our production team each morning.



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Bini Bowl

Fresh Salmon

Fresh Tofu

Sweet Potato

Teriyaki Steamed Salmon

Spicy Steamed Salmon

Chicken Katsu

Spicy Chicken

Our flagship product, derived from a blend of our co-founders' heritages: Japanese donburi, Korean bibimbap and Hawaiian poke. A bed of freshly steamed Korean rice underneath a variety of colourful toppings. Each bowl combination is intended to maximise flavour and texture which is then meticulously prepared in our store every day. The BiniBowl is the most convenient, delicious and satisfying ready-to-go meal we have ever designed. 



Outside of our three main product segments, we try to develop innovative solutions to reduce our food waste, both in production and consumption. For example, we re-purpose our leftover rice and salmon to create warm 'ojiya' miso rice soup. We also re-package our spare BiniRoll ends into separate tubs which we sell for only £1.50. 

Learn more about how Combini is committed to the enivronment.