What made you want to work with CombiniCo?

I always ate Japanese food growing up because that’s what my mum would cook and she would teach me how to make things like karaage and teriyaki chicken and to wash the rice at least three times. I actually heard from a friend that there was a new Japanese-Korean place opening up and that I should apply so I sent in my CV and got called in for a trial shift. I guess I just really wanted to be able to connect with my roots so far away from home and Combini was a great way for me to do that.

Photo by Alex Longson

How has the role changed since you began working here?

I started working when Combini first opened so a lot has changed! There weren’t any chicken bowls for one and there were a lot fewer staff than there are now. I remember there was a lot of pressure back then in making sure we had enough bowls for the end of the day but now we have a quota system that really helps to alleviate that stress. I feel like we have a pretty efficient system now

What’s your favourite part working in the production team?

Honestly it’s the staff. Being in production means that you are in a tiny space for 5 hours with the same people every week. Not only do you learn a lot about them as people, you learn a lot about what it’s like living in different parts of the world. You get to share experiences and have fun while working and I think that’s what separates Combini from a lot of other businesses in St Andrews.

What’s your passion outside of Combini?

Apart from reading and writing essays for Modern and Ancient History, I really like writing songs when I have the time but if not I’ll be content listening to music and discovering new artists like Bren Joy. I’m also part of the Japan Society, Taste of Asia, the United Nations Association St Andrews and am interning with UNA Scotland, all of which have attracted me for different reasons so I’m very happy with everything I’m doing right now.